RJ Ministries is an onsite/online teaching venue of Rev. Russell J. Newell that provides biblical-based studies and courses to students and adults. Through creative and interactive teaching, individuals will engage the Word of God to gain a greater understanding of the text and its relevant application to life.


RJ Ministries will follow Jesus’ example of loving, serving, teaching, equipping and releasing others for works of service.


RJ Ministries is committed to nurturing growth in:

• Others relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

• Others commitment to service and community.

• Others spiritual, educational, professional, and personal goals.


RJ Ministries values:

• The creation of a creative and engaging learning environment.

• An environment that nurtures collaboration and critical thinking.

• Growing and equipping individuals so that they can serve others.


Others will T.H.R.I.V.E. as one:

• Teaches Truth

• Teaches Holistically

• Teaches Relevantly

• Teaches Inspirationally

• Teaches Virtuously

• Teaches Enthusiastically


• Adhere to and uphold the ministries mission, DNA, learning, and teaching philosophies.

• Deliberately serve others.

• Follow the commission to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.